Version 1.9 Is Out!


Feb 20, 2024

Version 1.9 is out!

Our quick announcement is below! For the full detailed change list, keep reading!

Our newest release comes a bundle of automations which will make your day to day use of Chatterly a breeze!

We have BRAND NEW automations that have been integrated into the app such as:

  • Auto-renew promotions

  • Auto PPV followup

  • Expiring fan reminders

We also have new features such as:

  • Who sent what mass DM

  • Delayed welcome message

  • Message UI improvements

  • Mobile responsiveness & view optimizations

  • Full public release of Discord and Telegram bot

  • Bug fixes and improvements

What other automations would you like to see added to Chatterly? DM @ChatterlyApp on telegram and give us suggestions!

This is just the beginning of our new automation features coming out. We can't wait to share with you what else we have been testing 👀

Want some more details regarding the new features? Read below!
  1. Auto renew promotions now allow you to set your entry or expired promotion once and forget it! Simply set up the feature inside of Chatterly and they will now automatically change per your requests!

  2. Auto PPV follow up now allows you to bump people who did NOT buy your PPV from before. This is an easy way to get that conversation flowing and turn into a sale

  3. Expiring fan reminders now allow you to know when a fan is close to becoming expired. With this new feature from Chatterly, you don't need to worry about losing paid subs without any notice as you can officially get reminded when they are almost gone!

  4. Who sent what mass DM now allows you to know which chatter specifically sent which mass DM, just like our message reports inside of Chatterly like we have now!

  5. Delayed welcome message allows you to reach out to new fans after they have joined for a few minutes! Get more personalized right after your normal welcome message!

  6. We have also added some Message UI improvements. Some improvements include:

    1. Release forms are now added!

    2. Back button now available inside of the UI

    3. See who replied to which notification inside of the UI

  7. Mobile optimizations have been prioritized and added with this update. Your mobile experience should be a lot more responsive and feel even better than before!

  8. The Discord and Telegram bots are now live for everyone! Easily integrate this with your current team members preferred method of communication channel and have Chatterly there too!

  9. Overall bug fixes and improvements which should improve the day to day experience using Chatterly

We'd like to thank you for your overall support of Chatterly. We strive to be a better app every day, and we can't wait to show you what's next!

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