Version 1.8.0 is Here with A Brand New Look!


Jan 5, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the release of Version 1.8.0, marking our most significant update yet! Our highly anticipated custom messaging UI is now live, bringing a host of user-friendly features to enhance the chatting experience for everyone at your company. We took months of feedback from other companies and their feature wishlists to make this a reality. We hope you will love this new feature! Here's what you can expect:

Custom Messaging UI:

- Vault Labeling 2.0: An improved experience that allows you to write custom notes and pricing per each piece of media inside of the vault, and faster vault labeling

- Mobile Chatting: Chat directly from a phone on the go to clear messages, even when a computer may not be around

- Online Fans Change: See a comprehensive list of online fans, making it even easier to engage with and bump your supporters. Set certain parameters such as total spent and total time subscribed to the account. You are also able to see a full list of every online fan so you can individually poke who you choose

- Enhanced fan information: You can now save more detailed notes about your fans, including valuable information like their country, date of birth, and more. Quickly respond to notifications without the hassle of switching pages, streamlining your chatting process.

- Global/regional server coverage: We have now included dedicated servers throughout the world to ensure the fastest possible connection to Chatterly - no matter where you may be. Servers are automatically tested and connected based on your region. You can also manually change them in settings

- Activity Details: Missing a feed post or mass message on an account? Track that easily through our new activity details under your creator. Track exactly the last time a mass DM or feed post was sent to ensure nothing is missed and much MORE

- Customizable BANNED word list: Make sure your chatters aren’t breaking TOS of any website they are using. Our built-in word banner will ensure your chatters are unable to send a message that may cause issues later on. This is also fully customizable to ensure your company can choose whatever words you may want your chatters not to use. 

Here is what’s next for Chatterly in the next few months:

- Chat Automation & tools

- AI chat suggestions built-in

- More features added to chatting custom UI constantly based on user feedback

In addition to this amazing feature, we've dedicated resources to address any reported bugs and further enhance the overall stability of our app. Our commitment to providing a reliable platform remains a priority. Our current app and server stability has been 100% over the past 90 days. We are extremely confident in our system’s ability to mitigate attacks and continue to have constant 100% uptime so your company is never affected because of an issue with Chatterly.

As we roll out these amazing updates, we want to assure you that our support team is ready and available to assist you. For any issues related to updating the app or general how-to questions, connect with us on Telegram @Chatterlyapp – we're here to support you every step of the way. 

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