Using The Message Online Automation


May 25, 2024

Let's head to the 'Message Online' button and set these up!

Lastly, you can message people right when they come online! Simply turn this automation on to benefit from this. Once on, you have a few settings to tweak depending on your preference.

You can set a time/delay for how long you want to wait to send the message to whoever just hopped online to not seem as bot like on your end. It may be better to add a buffer to not have instant messages sent when they do appear online!

You can also set the online meter to message every X hours so you don't have repeat situations and if the user is hopping on and off so you don't spam them.

Lastly, you can change and edit any message here like above! I added a simple text to let them know I see them online. This is the same text setup as all of our other text sections, so it will be familiar!

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