Using The Expired Fans Automation


May 22, 2024

Let's now setup our Expired Fans Automation!

In this section we have a little more to play with, so let's look into it!

Simply just turn on expiring fans to 'Active' if you want to message any fan who may expire relatively soon! You can set a few parameters here such as message timing, which allows you to determine WHEN to send the message before they expire. in this example we use 20hrs before!

You can also set a spending limitation to maybe skip free trial people if you didn't want to include them there, or anyone who hasn't spent X dollars on the account too. With that, we also have time limitations so you can send that reminder only if we haven't talked to the sub in how ever many hours you choose!

Below is a sample message that I have created. Attach whatever you want to these and your automation is set!

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