Using Our Telegram Integration


Mar 3, 2024

Wanting to integrate Chatterly into your Telegram? We've got everything you need to know!

Adding Chatterly to Telegram

Adding Chatterly to Telegram is a simple process. Let's first go through and link our Chatterly account to Telegram. Simply head to Profile > Telegram. Inside of here we should see a prompt asking us to link our Telegram account:

Once you have linked the account, you should see a button to message our bot!

Click that button, and Telegram will pop open with our bot ready to assist!

Let's take a look at the /help commands available on Telegram:

Some of the commands available on Discord are not available here due to different platform configurations.

For the commands above, the explanations are as follows:

  • /fans - see a list of fans of the creator

  • /messages - view the last 10 messages, just like message reports for a creator

  • /stats - allows you to see a revenue breakdown of the selected creator and timeframe you select

  • /clocked - allows you to see a list of all clocked in employees

  • /sales - allows you to see all sales for a selected employee

  • /Version - Checks the specific version the bot is running on

  • /Who - check specific information about a selected employee or creator

Unlike Discord, you just need to type a command and a list of all of your creators will appear! Once you select a creator, the selected data type you did a command for will now appear in a graph with text data below it, like this:

As you can see, all the statistics are easily accessible here, and you can quickly select a time period that you want to narrow down the stats to!

This was a general how-to on linking the Telegram bot and how to use the commands. Try out some of our other commands above or by typing /help. You can also reach out to Chatterly Support here or on telegram @ChatterlyApp

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