How to Recruit Only Fans Creators to Your Agency


Dec 12, 2023

Agencies oftentimes are held back by their ability to sign new creators. Whether you are not effectively portraying your value, or are not generating enough leads, your business can not grow without retaining current and adding additional creators.


Lead generation is a key part in your recruitment process as an agency. The main method of recruitment for all agencies is word of mouth, and targeted direct messages on social media.

Most Common Platforms
  1. Instagram

  2. X

  3. SeekingArrangements

  4. Telegram

Most companies will be able to get by with a simple message saying “Hey! I run a company that manages only fans creators. We help you increase your income, and take the stress of account management off of your shoulders. Would love to talk to you more about what we do, and schedule a call to get more in depth” or any of the million variations of this DM that are out there.

Your DM should follow a basic flow of
  1. Intro

  2. Why (are you DM’ing them)

  3. What is the value

  4. What do they do if they're interested

However, one of the biggest mistakes agencies make is LONG and BORING DM’s to creators that every other agency sends them.

Avoid DM's Containing

  2. DM's over 200 words

  3. Promises that could be "too good to be true" even if you believe them to be true

  4. Dm's with no social proof


You want to avoid the above messages mainly because that strategy rarely works, and when it does, its for creators who are either new to the space, or not making as much income. This is probably why your agency lacks any high income earners…

Think about it. Do you really think you are the first person to DM a creator who is making $100,000 + per month saying you can help them? SPOILER ALERT: EVERYONE HAS DM’D THEM THE SAME THING…

The actual, most effective way to recruit HIGH TICKET is to be unique and friendly, as well as having a solid personal brand.

Being unique is not just sending off jarring, clickbait dm’s I HAVE SEEN like “I WILL MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE” or “your management company sucks”

And being friendly is not just sending them memes until they respond, or trying to fake a friendship just to get them to sign

Unique DM Examples

Dog Picture

- Omg what kind of dog is that? I'm in love he’s so cute

Posts what they’re eating

- This looks insane, where is this from?

Recently went on a podcast

- Hey I watched your podcast episode about insert part of the podcast you listened to, loved what you had to say about it

Recent accomplishment that they posted about

- Congrats on buying your house/car/etc ! so insane, i saw your post and had to reach out about it.

You get the idea…. Be genuine, be friendly, not everything needs to be about business

It’s about building a relationship with them BEFORE signing, where you ACTUALLY become friends with them. Creators will know when you are only being their friend to sign them as well, so unless you really feel like you and the creator are similar personalities, then this might not work for you.

What you have to understand is most high ticket creators are not looking to switch management companies. Most of the time, they are friends with their existing agency. That agency might even be doing a bad job but they don’t know it. This has happened countless times with high ticket creators I know. They are managed by a friend. The friend is doing a bad job and they don’t know, eventually they find out and will look to someone they trust in the industry for assistance. The goal is for that person to be YOU!

Organization / CRM

Agencies tend to lose out on a lot of potential clients by not having the proper Sales CRM’s set in place. We advice to use popular organizational tools such as

  1. Notion

  2. Asana

  3. Airtable

Most companies will only track LEADS when a creator responds. The best setup for a CRM for recruitment is as follows:

  1. Name

  2. IG/X/TT username

  3. Initial Message

  4. Follower Count

  5. Phone number (if applicable)

  6. Status

    1. Lead (answered the dm)

    2. Negotiating (interested, still asking questions)

    3. Call Booked (time is set for call)

    4. Proposal (call is done, contract was sent)

    5. Closed (congrats!!)

    6. Ghosted (follow up every week)

Not only does a CRM help with organization, but it also allows for easy retargeting of existing creators who were maybe interested but just not at that time. I can’t stress enough how important bumping ghosted leads is…


Whether the creator responded to your informative or friendly DM, the process of converting a response to a contract signed is the same.

First, it is always best to organically transition the conversation from DM to IMessage, Telegram, or WhatsApp. This way you don’t get lost in their dm’s, and you have their number to directly retarget if they decide not to respond.

Second, do your research.

Never get on a call without knowing:
  1. Their Approx. Earnings (based on like count, sub count, followers, etc)

  2. How often they are posting on socials

  3. What socials they seem to prioritize

  4. Ways you feel like you can improve their brand

Third: Once you are on the call, don’t get just straight into the pitch. If they are on the phone with you, then you can infer that they have also probably spoken to other agencies before. Remember, set yourself apart.

Set yourself apart during the call:

Start off by saying something natural: “hey creator’s name i know we talked a little over DM about insert your company, but I just wanted to hear a bit about you before we get into all the details. Everyone I talk to has a different story and I want to hear yours”. Whatever you say, it should prompt the CREATOR to LEAD, not you. Make the call about them. Oftentimes, agencies just get right into some long pitch without knowing anything about the creator at all. A simple question like this will often lead them to directly mention the problems they are having. Below are some examples of common problems they will mention, accompanied with exactly how you should handle them during the rest of the call.

Examples of Common Objections:

i just really struggle doing my own chatting right now and getting traffic

- For the rest of the call, focus on how working with your agency increases your creator’s revenue by handling the chats for them, as well as what you can do to help increase their traffic

I don’t like managing the OF myself, it takes too much time

- Focus on how much time creators save by working with you, how you will help them do everything from A-Z and they won’t even have to worry about the page anymore.

I don’t ever get to work with any other creators

- Describe the opportunities they get to work with other creators / influencers while working with you

My current company does a good job, but they just don’t communicate well

- Detail your method of communication with the creator, if your agency isn’t the best at communicating this is a great time to listen to the creator on what their last agency did wrong and improve it before they sign.

They just don’t make me feel comfortable, like a family.

- Highlight why your agency feels like a family, talk about friendship, working together long term, and even making jokes with each other

My current agency sucks, the chat quality is the main problem

- Focus on your chat quality, how you take pride in it being the best of the best

They never do any ads

- Focus heavily on how you advertise and help promote their account

The point of this is to hear what their last company / they are doing wrong, and FIX IT. 99% of the time, they will tell you exactly what they want to hear from you…

Once you give them all the details, the best way to wrap up the call is by something that does not put pressure on the creator, such as “hey, I know this is a decision that is going to take some thought, so there is no rush on signing. But, if you want to at least look over the agreement a bit in case you have any questions for me or are interested in signing with us at any point, just send me your full name and email.

Once they do, a tool like DocuSign is the preferred method of signing and sending agreements.


Arguably the most important step in the recruitment process: onboarding

Even if you think you have closed the creator, it's never a done deal until

Contract is signed

- After you receive their contact information, let them know that your legal team will send it out by the end of the day

- Use docusign to send agreement

- Text creator letting them know the agreement was sent, and reminder every 24 hours if not signed.

- After 3 days, ask if the creator is still interested in working with you or not. If no response, change notion status to ghosted

Team is informed and ready

- Make sure your entire team is aware of the rules she set forth

- Layout the goals of the account for your team, and discuss what will be done to get there

- Go over the vault, creator’s preferred pricing/strategies, and any onboarding documents you send to the creator. Most advise to send all inbound creators a google form where you ask basic questions such as the creator's birthday, preferred pricing, do they do customs, etc.

- Ensure team logs in on Chatterly or other CRM tools

Creator says you can begin working on the account

- Be very hands on the first 1-2 weeks, making sure the creator is happy and chat quality remains at the best level.

- Weekly calls with the creator are also advised, reiterate all the goals you both set forth before the relationship and explain the results (whether good or bad) and what will be done going forward

After the creator is started and onboarded, keep open communication and ensure all goals are being met. Making sure you are friends with the creator during this entire process is very important! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me via telegram @klowt for even more in depth details or questions regarding anything discussed here!

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