How to Find & Hire Only Fans Chatters


Feb 13, 2024

Hiring Chatters is something every only fans agency has to do. This article will make sure you not only know where to look, but also what to look for in an employee, their compensation structure, and more.

Where do I find VA’s?

The best VA’s for only fans chatting can be found in places such as:

Telegram Groups

- Example

Facebook Groups
Word of Mouth

We recommend you start with Upwork, as once you know one VA you tend to know 100. What this means is that in the Philippines primarily, people are constantly looking for jobs. A remote job has a huge advantage in the Philippines, so you also end up paying 3x - 7x less than hiring someone from the United States. Therefore, as word spreads that you are hiring people in their area, every Va you hire will also have 5-10 people who also want a job. Things pick up very quickly, but problems may arise if they have had little to no experience with chatting, or if the chatters don’t speak english well

How do I hire and train VA’s?

Va hiring and training is going to be the most important part of bringing employees on to your workforce

Regardless of experience, all new hires must be given extensive English and grammar testing, as well as rated on their ability to type the English language efficiently, and finally their internet speed.

English Test


- Only hire 25/25 perfect scores if possible. Sometimes people score lower where you can make exceptions, but that is up to you.

Typing Test


- Set test to 3 minutes & medium text

Internet Speed Test


- Aim for as fast of internet as possible as well as reliability of service

Types Of Hires


- Require a lot more initial training

- Luckily, only fans chatting is really just relationship building, so it is not that hard to pick up

- Must go through mock chat scenarios

- Build out a telegram where new hires can go through sexting scenarios with you. Act as if you are the subs and they are the chatter.


- Need to develop not just an understanding of chatting, but also of the platform and of Chatterly.

- Explain all features, how to navigate the browser on OF, useful Chatterly tools, etc

- Chatterly is a CRM Software that helps agencies protect and manage their creators, as well as give their employees features that increase sales and efficiency

Once these things are done, its best to start off new employees on a very tight leash.

When they are on shift, monitor their chats closely. If you are using Chatterly, you can pull up their chatter reports which will show you every single message they are sending, as well as how often they are sending them, if they are locked / unlocked, and what price the message was sent for. This ensures transparency, and the ability to monitor your chatters progress even when it isn’t their shift. By doing this, you will be able to see if they are or are not using what you taught them. Whether that be scripts, strategies, or maybe their english just is not up to the quality you expected, there will be times where you feel like a chatter might not be the right fit.

*NEW* Onboarding and Training

After further speaking with agencies we have compiled the best practices for onboarding:

Locate the chatter from group chat/referral

Get the bio/resume of chatter (Many chatters lie about this so be careful)

Send the 3 tests above (English/Wifi/WPM) if they don't pass this off the start don't waste your time since you cant teach good english or upgrade their wifi

If they pass above, and all the scores check out, ask for their work history

Conduct a mock sext (you can tell how the english translate and the flow of the chatter quickly) where you act as the subscriber and they are the chatter

If the mock sext works and the chatter is solid, set up a quick 5 minute video call with them. This is to see their location, where they work from. This also allows you to talk to the chatter and see how proficient they are at speaking english, not just typing it

In the call, always ask them to talk about themselves and just see how they handle this

Training 1

Set up a real training call after the call (train them through your normal steps and go over your communication style, this is a quick call just going over the easy steps to be successful like poking/new subs/new buyers/easy easy stuff)

Training 2

Chat training, a long call to go over all of your company chatting rules and styles. Whether thats per creator, per team, this call is really where you get the chatter acquainted with your company and your standard operating procedures.

Training 3

Go over your software onboarding, such as Chatterly. Invite them to download chatterly, Create their employee account in the employee section, and add them to their assigned creators and roles. Also, use this call to quiz chatter on random questions from your SOP's and make sure they paid attention

If all tests or passed, then they are good to go!

But how do you know when to fire them, or when to give them another chance?

Discipline, Firing, and Retention

Retaining creators is an agency's number one goal, and the best way to do that is through having the best quality of services.

Fire/Discipline if…

- Bad english

- Lack of effort when pushing sales

- Refusal to follow instructions. not just from you, but from creators as well. E

- Example: messaging someone who is labeled as DO NOT CHAT, or not following simple pricing structure

- No Creativity

Strike Policy

How you handle your strike policy before firing is up to you. There are plenty of agencies who do a 3 strike policy for the above, but also some that are 0 tolerance for mistakes like #3.

The only thing to remember is that mistakes do happen. In any industry that deals with employment, there will be human error. As long as your chatters have a good attitude, and want to put in the effort to improve and get better, then sometimes their mistakes might be nullified.


- Leaking creator content

- Attempting to outsource their shift to their friends. Basically, they will say they are working when in reality it is their friend or someone they know. Best way to spot is by analyzing their message response time and typical grammar. If something seems off, confront them

- Disrespect towards creators, managers, or other VA’s

- Working with intent to use the training to leave for another agency

- Lacking the ability to admit wrong doing, or reluctance to make changes. Also classified as having a “bad attitude”

- Untrainable


In conclusion, as long as you remain consistent with the above information, you should have no problem scaling your agency! Just remember, everyone makes mistakes. Seek out people who believe in your business, who are willing to improve, and you can’t go wrong!

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