How to Create & Maintain Whales on Only Fans


Dec 11, 2023

As we all know, whales are a huge part of daily income when it comes to your, or your clients, Only Fans account(s). A lot of whales are skeptical about “is this really the creator” and rightfully so, sometimes its very hard to trust a creator who has 24/7 coverage and seems to have all the time in the world to chat with you even when their IG story is filled with activities. In this article, we will primarily discuss the top 5 ways to maintain your whales, keep them spending, and most of all keep them engaged. It's very hard to find whales, so you want to make sure they stay around for the long haul

What is a Whale?

A whale is someone who spends more than $200 in a single day on an only fans’ account. This is typically a well paid, blue collar worker, all the way to a business man or 9-5’er that has money ready to spend. Disposable income is the key distinguishing factor that separates these kinds of subs from the rest.

However, this does not mean that they are willing to spend just to spend, they want an experience. After all, that’s why they are on Only Fans right?

5 Ways to Maintain Whales:

The first of five ways to maintain your whales is about the nature of your communication with them… Whales typically want to be nurtured, cared for, and feel like they are heard. If you use a CRM like Chatterly or others, then always be sure you are adding to your notes tab on each individual sub about what they like, what they like to be called, their interests, and any other key points of information. For example, if a whale clearly states “I don’t like when you call me baby, call me jake” and a chatter does not note that down, it may lead to frustration and a lack of spending. It is always important to remember, the customer is always right! Try and appease the whales in any way possible that is not pushing the limits of the creator

Second, making sure your whales are not being spammed and are in the proper groups is also very important. After a certain level, let’s say $1,000 spent, you probably don’t want your high spending whales getting the same messages as everyone else. Whether it is engagement messages, or just normal mass PPV, things tend to get a bit spammy and overwhelming on the day to day in only fans. Its all about the end user experience, in this case, whatever makes the whale’s time subscribed to your only fans account the better. Most people tend to add their whales to a list, where they can restrict PPV’s and mass messages from being sent to them. Then, using Chatterly or another CRM, they send out the PPV’s with a different caption and price for all the whales… OR they will individually customize each message just for them.

The third tip is partially related to the first, relating to their subs experience. If you are a creator or an agency who has chatters on the only fans page, you also need to realize that sometimes these whales will pick up on very small details. Changes in grammar, spelling, phrases, even emojis can ruin a whales chances of spending. At the highest level, agencies/creators will restrict certain whales to be labeled as “DO NOT CHAT.” These whales are typically the highest spenders, most particular, and will only be talked to through the best of the best chatters you have, or the creator themselves. This is not to be used for every whale, but for a select few that you can’t afford to lose

Fourth, also relating to their experience, actually occurs AFTER they are done spending. Seems counterintuitive to reward someone when they are done spending, but it really does make them feel appreciated. After a large session with a whale, it's best to give them either a “Freebie” (free piece of content) OR, if you(the creator) or the creator(if you are an agency) is willing, a custom audio / video message tailored to the exact whale who spent. Example:

  1. Jake(whale) spends $800 in a single session

    1. At the end of their session, let the creator know their username, a bit of background on them, and what they like to be called (babe, baby, their name)

    2. Once the creator makes the “thank you” video or audio message, send it directly to the whale approx. 1 hour after the session occurs

      1. They LOVE this. Not only does it make them feel better about what they spent, but it will also add an element of realism to your account.

    3. Add them to a whale list that will get a few extra freebies over the next month or two

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