How Much Percentage Does Only Fans Take From Creators?


Dec 24, 2023

OnlyFans has recently emerged as the top player in online content monetization for influencers and creators alike, particularly in the realm of adult entertainment. While specific financial details are not publicly disclosed due to the platform's private status, a closer look at its operational model provides insights into the mechanics of its revenue generation and the reasons behind its success.

Subscription Mechanics

OnlyFans operates on a subscription-based model where content creators charge users a monthly fee for access to exclusive content. Subscription revenue is a primary source of income for both creators and the platform itself, which we will explain in the next section. Additionally, content creators can offer additional paid content, such as personalized messages, photos, or videos, providing them with further revenue streams. Users can also tip or make donations to creators, enhancing the potential for earnings. These other revenue streams are also subject to the only fans platform fee.

Only Fans’ Platform Fee

One notable aspect of OnlyFans' financial model is the platform's fee structure, which has also opened it up to a lot of competition. OnlyFans takes exactly 20% of Gross Revenue generated from every single account on their platform. This percentage includes the platform fee as well as payment processing costs. While some creators might initially balk at the idea of parting with a fifth of their earnings, this fee encompasses a range of services that contribute to the platform's functionality and success.

Why 20%? And why not switch platforms to save 5-10%?

Over the years, tons of competitors such as Fansly have appeared offering a cut on the “Only Fans 20%.” However, it would be silly not to recognize the value that OnlyFans provides in return. Operating a platform like OnlyFans involves significant costs, including server maintenance, security measures, payment processing, and customer support. By aggregating these services, OnlyFans allows creators to focus on content production without the burden of managing the intricate technical and logistical aspects of running a subscription-based website.

Building and maintaining a secure and user-friendly website, capable of handling subscription models and payment processing, is no small feat. The costs associated with creating and managing an OnlyFans-style platform independently would likely surpass the 20% fee charged by OnlyFans. The platform's efficiency and economies of scale make it a cost-effective solution for creators seeking a user-friendly and secure space to monetize their content.

The Advantage of OnlyFans: Name Recognition and User Base:

One of OnlyFans' significant advantages lies in its name recognition and the sheer number of registered users on the platform (which also means the number of saved payment information). The name "OnlyFans" has become synonymous with exclusive content and a direct connection between creators and their audience. This brand recognition translates into a steady influx of users, providing creators with a built-in audience base.

Moreover, OnlyFans benefits from the vast number of registered credit cards on its platform. This streamlines the payment process for users and enhances the convenience of subscribing to creators. Think about if you had to create an account, link your credit card, and go through the entire approval process every time you wanted to buy content? The trust established with users, coupled with the ease of financial transactions, contributes to the platform's popularity and the continued influx of both creators and subscribers.


In essence, the financial success of OnlyFans and its creators is tied to its operational efficiency, the services it provides to content creators, and the advantages it offers in terms of brand recognition and a massive user base. While the 20% fee might initially seem substantial, it is a small price to pay for the comprehensive suite of services OnlyFans provides, allowing creators to focus on what they do best—creating content.

It is also important to note that 20% of revenue on OnlyFans compared to platforms like twitch and youtube which takes 40% - 50% of creator earnings, is a very small price to pay.

For many creators, the convenience, security, and user-friendly environment of OnlyFans outweigh the costs associated with independent platform management. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, OnlyFans stands as a testament to the relationship between platform and creator, creating a space where financial success is not just attainable but sustainable.

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