How many creators are there on only fans


Dec 1, 2023

OnlyFans, once a niche platform, has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, with a surge in creators and users. This article delves into the platform's growth, dissecting key statistics about users and creators.

OnlyFans Creator Demographics (Men and Women)

- 2.1 million registered content creators as of 2023, a significant increase from around 350,000 in 2019.

- Gender breakdown: Approximately 70% women, 29% men; top 10% earners: 85% women, 25% men.

Analysis: Predominantly female-centric, OnlyFans enables women to monetize content, with successful male creators showcasing broader inclusivity.

Types of Creators on OnlyFans

- Beyond adult content, OnlyFans hosts diverse creators in niches like cooking, fitness, modeling, influencers, and musicians.

Analysis: Despite its association with adult content, OnlyFans thrives on content diversity, attracting creators from various niches.

Profiling the Average OnlyFans Creator (Men and Women)

- Majority view OnlyFans as a supplementary income source, not a full-time job.

- Top earners include influencers, adult industry stars, and celebrities leveraging substantial followings.

- Average monthly earnings: around $180; top creators: over $100,000 monthly.

- Successful creators actively post content, engage with fans, and promote accounts on social media platforms.

- On average, male creators earn about 78% less per month than females.

Analysis: OnlyFans serves as a platform where individuals supplement income, emphasizing consistent effort and strategic cross-channel promotion.

OnlyFans Creator Demographics (Men and Women)

- Gender identity breakdown: 70% women, 29% men, 1% non-binary or undisclosed.

- Greater diversity in sexuality compared to the general population.

- Available data suggests overrepresentation of white creators; comprehensive racial/ethnic diversity data lacking.

- Average age of creator: 29, with most between 20 to 40 years old.

Analysis: While diversity exists, the "average" OnlyFans creator is often a white woman in her late 20s or early 30s, leveraging the platform as a supplementary income source.

OnlyFans Revenue and Usage Statistics

- Over 210 million registered users; 320 million visits per month; a top 50 most visited website globally.

- User time spent per visit: 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

- Estimated 2022 revenue: $2.5 billion, a significant increase from $375 million in 2020.

- OnlyFans paid creators over $5 billion since launch.

Analysis: The platform's meteoric rise is evident, with substantial revenue growth and a massive user base, showcasing its disruptive influence on online content creation.


OnlyFans, with over 210 million registered users and 2 million creators, has become a global force. Despite controversies, its statistics underscore the platform's impact on reshaping the landscape of online content creation.

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